This should be done when your child is alert

This should be done when your child is alert

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Childhood abuse is one of the most common accidents and can be frightening for parents.

What happens when you watch it?

Overexposure and strangulation are one of the parents' greatest fears, one of the most common accidents in children under the age of three. When swallowing, the hedgehog closes the funnel, so the wall is not squeezed into the sink, while the funnel opens and the air flows freely through the gut and funnel. If your child is distracted, the food or foreign body goes into the airways and either blocks the entrance of the mouth or causes a blockage below. Lucky case the czech reflex startsand the foreign body is gone, however it may get stuck. In such cases, immediate, decisive action is required.

Reveal: How do we know there's a problem?

The child cries, hey, he can't breathe. Very characteristic of the sudden onset of severe coughing, drowning, hesitation. Often it occurs during feeding, but it is also often the case that you run out of food or some small toys in your mouth, and then suddenly, the alien body comes to a halt.

What to do if your child is upset

If your child is unable to make a sound, he or she is demented, his / her skin is gray, but he / she is still conscious, try the method below.1. Open your mouth to see if it has a lightweight foreign body that can be removed with a single movement that causes a flare-up. This one or two fingers, outward gesture you can take it away. If the foreign body is deeper or you cannot remove it with a single movement, you should not force it, because it can easily bring the object down.2. Place the infant on your forearm with the head slightly down, and then firmly apply five strokes to the back. After that, turn over and lower sternum in the lower third with two fingers squeeze the chest through it.3. Lay the little child on your knees with your belly on your thighs, with your head slightly down, and firmly press between the shoulder blades. After that, do five abdominal presses (Heimlich's catch), rearrange your child and put one of the two ribs in your stomach (the stomach), with the other hand pressed up and down. In some cases, the first stroke is able to move the foreign body, but many times you have to try it many times.4. If you notice that the foreign body has remained in the passageways or is stuck there, immediately call an ambulance, which takes the child to a special ward, where they can remove the object or food that has been trapped there.

So you can prevent it

The favorite thing for the little ones under the age of three is that everything in their mouthsthat they find, but even a larger wall or the seeds of fruits can cause serious problems. Don't let your baby put everything in his or her mouth, just give him or her toys that aren't good for his or her mouth or are unsuitable for swallowing. Hands, rings, earrings, nails, tablets, playground pebbles can all be dangerous! Age appropriate size was eaten give me slice the bigger pieces and avoid the small, hard foods, peanuts, almonds. In the car, don't eat when cycling!

Larger windows can also be used with Heimlich's traps

Learn a Heimlich-féle bites (Not applicable for infants!) Special First Aid course for children. It is especially dangerous to swallow tiny magnets and button cells, which can also cause trouble if they get into the stomach! If such an object is swallowed by your child, consult your doctor immediately! Edit Hidvégi pediatric, gastroenterologist, pulmonary, www.allergiakozpont.hu (Source: Maternity Magazine, Children's Diseases Edition)
"What do I do if I look up and my child drowns?"
- If you went to the wall for a cigarette
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