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Here are our blog champions!

Here are our blog champions!

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For the tradition, we have been announcing the baby room blog competition for over sixty years, which many of you have repeatedly applied for and voted on. The top ten blogs have been rewarded with thanks, and the three most popular bloggers will be introduced to you.

Distant relatives follow our lives through the blog Csilla's parents live in Vojvodina, and many of her relatives and acquaintances are also relatively distant. With a three-year-old baby boy and his little family, he shares the latest news on the blog that everyone can read right away.

Csilla, Bkos and the little Bkos

- What do you want for recognition? - I'm really sorry for him, even though I was really into the competition of the past, and I was much more excited then, but of course I'm very proud to be in my best three.
- You started blogging primarily because of your distant parents. - Yeah. My mom's mom is a modern grandmother, and we're in regular email, and on the blog you can read more about each of us, and tell us what's going on with us.
- Do you know that other people read your diary regularly? - Truthfully, I do not pay attention to how many people follow us from the baby room, but it turned out that all of my distant relatives, acquaintances, were affected by my blog, even those who were not born to me or my parents.
- If I know it well, having a baby at home wasn't always easy for you. - Yes, there were more difficult times and the blog helped a lot. And as it turned out, not only me. I had an old classmate who thanked me for daring to write down bad things.
- What does your husband give you to keep a public diary, and do you mention unpleasant things? - He was checking my papers in the beginning, but he was giving up. Just as he had given up to fight my glass sticker. I really like glass stickers, and that's why we have stickers on every free surface: on the mirror, on the windows, on the tiles, everywhere.
- And what does it mean to your plan to be like this sooner or later? You said you were slowly getting ready for the little brother's reception. - Yes, it was slow. My husband grew up in a big family (he has two siblings) so he definitely wants at least two kids. The decision is right on me. I did not want a very small age, but now I can imagine that sooner or later I will be born to a little brother.
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