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Kanyarу: Look for the Koplik patch

Kanyarу: Look for the Koplik patch

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Because of its very similar symptoms, the curve is often confused with Nettle and Flu. Now we gather all the important information.

Kanyarу: Look for the Koplik patch

What is a bend?

A bend is a highly contagious viral disease, which in the first few days was very similar to other upper respiratory tract diseases, Nettle, Influenza.

What are the Symptoms of a Bend?

Following the infection, approx. 9-11 days high fever, nausea, and catarrhal fever. In such cases, parents usually suspect a cold or flu. However, one of the symptoms that distinguishes these is the appearance of a cherry red, so-called "cherry red" appearing on the inside of the mouth, near the back of the tooth Koplik spots. Unfortunately, diagnosis is made difficult by the fact that they disappear relatively quickly. kiьtйsek. They first appear on the head, above the head, on the face, on the dies, and from there spread to the chest and body, and later to the limbs, hands, and feet. this is the only way to show whether specific antibodies indicating a bend are present in the body.

How does a bend spread?

The virus is infected with the wishes of the infected person, and drip infection.

How to prevent a bend?

Bend protection, which is one of the mandatory vaccines in Hungary. This so-called mumps and so-called anti-rabies vaccine MMR vaccine. Babies over the age of 15 months can be vaccinated with it, and children will receive a repeat vaccination at school (Grade 6).

How to handle a bend?

Since you are in Russia, there is no effective medicine against it. Unfortunately, it is a very long-lasting illness, usually lasting 3 weeks. Symptoms can be controlled by fever and analgesia, rest and a lot of fluids. Interestingly, research into vitamin A deficiency can worsen the curve, so your doctor may recommend vitamin A supplementation occasionally. Antibiotic treatment may also be required for bacterial events. More Articles on Bend:


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