What to do if your baby is suspected of having an allergy?

What to do if your baby is suspected of having an allergy?

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Parents with toddlers are increasingly asked how allergies can develop in the first months of life, when they still do not receive breast milk or infant formula.

What to do if your baby is suspected of having an allergy?

The actuality of the request is that with the increase in the number of allergic diseases, allergies are becoming more common among young parents, which may also increase the risk of allergy to their baby. Even with the greatest care, the best nutrition, you can develop a symptom of allergies to baby milk before the feeding period.

How Can A Milk Breast Milk Allergy?

Protein consumed by the mother when consumed in the form of broken down diets (milk, eggs, soya, oilseeds, cereals) may pass into breast milk, which may lead to the development of a natural process and a normal immune response, dr. Polgár Marianne pediatric nursing, gastroenterologist, chief physician of the Buda Allergy Center.Observers suggest that allergic mothers develop more frequently from breastfed infants and milk-based babies Cows' milk allergy refers to a symptomas in non-allergic mothers. Cow's milk allergy is most common at this age.

When to Think of Food Allergies in Breastfeeding or Infant Infants?

Eczema may be the first sign of an allergy, but abdomen, diarrhea stool, the inconsolable urine passing over in urine can also be suspected of causing a baby's allergic complaints due to allergic sensitization (sensitization). The most frightening symptom for parents is if there is blood in the stool. It can appear exclusively in breast-fed and formula-fed infants.

Wait in the barn!

A small amount of blood often appears in a well-developed, well-developing baby, but repeating this and increasing the amount of blood can lead to a more severe condition. In such a case, the blood is also lost in greater quantities, along with a stinging, cold, diarrheal stool. The baby is restless, belly head and in severe cases a its weight development also slows down, or stop.

What is the reason?

Scientific examinations have shown that babies from whom all other diseases can be excluded, thick allergic inflammation it is in the background of complaints, the treatment of which is of utmost importance.

What can an aggressive parent do?

Blood in the womb is always an important signal from your baby's body that you need to see a doctor. If all other diseases can be ruled out (bacterial or viral diarrhea, end-fracture, etc.), changing the baby's diet will be sufficient in most cases. The allergic process can be reversed over time diйtбval.

But who should diet?

In the case of breastfed infants, the mother, in this case the most common allegory, is the avoidance of milk, eggs, sows, and oilseeds. In such cases, it is very rare that a baby cannot get his or her mother's milk, and a nutritional diet should be introduced. The baby "diets" with nutritional infants. Abandoning the diet so far, and extensively hydrolysed or an amino acid based diet is recommended. These dietary changes usually resolve the complaints and can be gradually introduced after the inflammation of the inflammation.

What to do after a healing?

For infants who have had a blood loss, nutrition and the introduction of allergenic foods should take great care. Continuous monitoring and medical care of the baby is required until the full normal diet is obtained.


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