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Vaginal flow in childhood: causes and treatment

Vaginal flow in childhood: causes and treatment

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Babies may have vaginal discharge, but they may not be suitable solutions for adults. What should I do if I have a baby in the river?

The vaginal stream does not mean a majority of adult women, because sometimes they are confronted with it. If the color, amount, or condition of the fluid differs from the norm, it is usually the result of an infectious, most common fungus that is unfortunately easy to obtain due to the location of the female genitalia.The problem is usually do you have a flush? The request dr. Baba SzхczeiMany of the parents use this to treat the child with home practices, or perhaps with the suggestions offered to adult women, but this is a mistaken idea, since the child is not a small adult.

Even in children, the protective system of the vagina is not as advanced

In children, hormone levels are still not the same as in adults. This is also true for estrogen producers, which has an effect on the vaginal flora. One of the important defense mechanisms of the body is the lactic acid mantle, which is Lactobacillus species produce. This acid mantle is still missing from the kids, and this is it makes babies more susceptible to bacterial infections. This can, of course, cause vaginal discharge, which can be remedied by targeted antibiotic treatment, creams. However, it should be borne in mind that too many antibiotics can also cause such symptoms.

Babies are more vulnerable to infections

THE fungal infections babies, up to the age of 6, do not show up because the baby's vagina is not suitable for attachment. In the background of vaginal infections, the majority of children entering the community are more likely to be intestinal, but most often bacterial infections are caused by vaginal discharge, says dr. Beszta Szхczei, a nursery stocking for the Center of the Nuns.

What can cause an altered vaginal flow?

You don't have to be frightened, as bad hygiene is not always the cause. vulvovaginitis: Inflammation of the eye and vulva is quite common in young children. The most frequently occurring child is a feminine disease. THE deficiency of lactobacillus flurra is prone to inflammation, which would mean some protection. Typical symptoms that bring a baby to the doctor are: swelling and redness of the eyelid, as well as wounds and possibly sores on the eyelid. In addition, this may lead to alternating vaginal discharge, and may be associated with urinary complaints and abdominal pain.Acute vulvovaginitis: most commonly, after treating an upper respiratory cataract with antibiotics, it can occur less frequently (in every one case), a viral infection. Urinary incontinence is recommended after targeted antibiotic treatment in case of urinary complaints. In other cases, it is treated with an antibiotic that is used in conjunction with a local soothing treatment. Under conditions of poor hygiene, isolated fungal inflammation can also occur, which can be treated with antifungal agents and carefully maintained.

The decision on the treatment is a specialist task

Since the problem can be caused by many things, you should definitely consult a doctor if you have symptoms. As we have already mentioned, you should not treat yourself in the best way, as babies' bodies work just as well as an adult woman. The examiner examines the reasons why he or she is prescribing the necessary therapy, which may include antibiotics or topical creams and gels. Source: Nizhnyabszentrum Centrum
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