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Bellyprint: An old memory of a pregnant woman

Bellyprint: An old memory of a pregnant woman

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In addition to maternity photography and tummy tinting, you can even plaster your tummy to keep up with this fantastic time. Here are some inspirational variations to make your decision easier!

Bellyprint: An old memory of a pregnant woman

What is Tummy Plaster?

If you want to spice up your curved tummy in three dimensions, and then show it off, paint it or even sleep / photograph your baby, you should consider making tummy plaster! It also helps to develop a positive body awareness, since you can also see how beautiful you are. The process itself goes beyond the therapy, as well as being truly artistic in nature (eg mood lamp). But then, look at your inspirational examples! Decorated with paintings: The Stylish Copper Version: With its unique mosaic-inspired mood: The zodiac sign: The Duchess: The lace: The virgins: Wooden Ceramic Tummy Box: The "Do It Yourself": Here you can get the access. And finally, a fantastic "witty" accessory for baby photography:

Where can you do this?

In Hungary, tocak plaster is made by others:
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