There is a Hssigriad. Listen to that, kid!

There is a Hssigriad. Listen to that, kid!

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There is the highest level of tertiary alert in the country, which means that you can expect lasting loyalty. What should we pay attention to?

There is a Hssigriad. Listen to that, kid!

This persistent feud imposes an enormous burden on the body: not only can the heart suffer from circulatory disease, but virtually any health complaint can occur. Fluid intake is a priority, and high caffeine and sugary drinks and alcohol should be avoided. Fluid supplementation is very important in children. Of course, this also includes liquids in foods. You may also experience insanity, do not force the child, eat as much as he / she deserves.It is best to drink water, use sunglasses, a well-ventilated garment and, of course, use sunscreen. We should be in a shady spot between 11 and 15 o'clock. Never leave a child in any condition, even with a window left open!
- The baby's fluid
- Planted water, fruit juice
- It's tricky for the kid to drink more water


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