The genes of the fetus are also affected by tobacco smoke

The genes of the fetus are also affected by tobacco smoke

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According to the latest research, it has serious consequences when a pregnant mother smokes or smokes in the environment. It turned out that the genes of the fetus are altered so that its trace can be discovered in the grandchildren.

The genes of the fetus are also affected by tobacco smokeIn our country, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death, accounting for about one third of all cancer deaths. Every year, tens of thousands of people lose their lives due to burns, and unfortunately Hungary is a world leader in this regard. The disease is one of the five most aggressive tumors. Tobacco smoke also plays an important role in the development of so-called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). "In search of the Hungarian name, COPD is called lung eczema, as it is characterized by the fact that the lungs in the lungs gradually and persistently become narrower, and the lung's lungs become more difficult to treat," he said. Dr. Govbor KovacsHe is the president of the Hungarian Lung Tiger Association. Many patients with lung eczema also develop lungs. The most effective cure for the disease is early-stage surgery. Because lungs often grow insidiously without symptoms, most cases are discovered only in an advanced stage that is no longer operable. The Orszбgos Korбnyi Pulmonolуgiai Intйzet йppen ezйrt indнtotta speciбlis tьdхrбkszыrх programjбt in which the modern jуval hagyomбnyos mуdszereknйl, нgy kйpes kiszыrni the korбbban may not lбthatу elvбltozбsokat is.A Hungary Tьdхgyуgyбsz Tбrsasбg the Rбkellenes Vilбgnapon бtнvelх the dohбnyzбs kбros, previously unknown, generбciуkon negatнv hatбsбra it also calls attention."Tudomбnyos bizonyнtйkok are that the vбrandуs nхket йrх kцrnyezeti hatбsok the fetus fejlхdйsйt jelentхsen befolyбsoljбk specifically negatнv role of dohбnyfьst. Hбtrбltatja the emйsztйsйrt felelхs bodies, szнv-йrrendszer йs the tьdхk egйszsйges fejlхdйsйt Rбadбsul it's not just kцzvetlenьl mutathatу the fetus. that is, their grandsons who are smokers or smokers, "suffer" the adverse effects even if the mid-generation, so the child to be born does not pay attention at all Dr. Ildikou HorvathProfessor of Pulmonary Medicine.The smoke-free environment is essential for the proper development of lungs even in infancy. Otherwise, it is easier to develop lung disease, that is, COPD. The motto of the World Cancer Day "We Can Do It - I Can Do It" is that professionals can not only elegendх. Only 4-5 smokers can quit without help. The key to successful quitting is a 2-3 month, expert-supported quit program. Treatment of nicotine addiction may also be recommended as drug therapy, nicotine supplementation. It is best to choose the methods together with a specialist.First step is to call the Kornyi Institute, which is based at
06 80 44 20 44 for specialist advice and on-going support. The center can also be reached on this page.Related articles about smoking during pregnancy:
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