Lyme disease symptoms in children

Lyme disease symptoms in children

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Lyme disease is the most well-known disease transmitted by ticks. If left untreated, it causes more serious problems, so it is worth knowing the symptoms and prevention of the disease.

What is Lyme Curry?

Bacterial infections transmitted by ticks, which first causes skin disorders, and often causes neurological changes, and in later cases, when untreated, causes brain and muscle pain.

Symptoms of Lyme-kurr

The first symptom is usually the tip around the touch, rising to at least 5 centimeters, mostly oval shape leather (Lyme stain). It's mostly itchy, not painful. The blemish can be visible for at least a week, but sometimes for up to a year, and sooner or later it stops. Multiple Lyme Blot is a condition that causes the blood vessels to filter out and then begins to multiply in the skin. a. Szintйn a typical symptom in children is fatigueFormerly agile kid is tired, doesn't wake up from bed. You may develop a fever that lasts for weeks, and may be associated with night sweats and chills. A child infected with Lyme disease less irritable, light and noisy, sleep is not relaxing. Later on, pain of varying intensity may also be present in several businesses (fingers, wrists, hips, ankles) and muscular muscular pain.

Diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease

The appearance of the spot will make the diagnosis. Experienced technicians usually do not have a problem recognizing it. Symptoms caused by an infection sometimes spontaneously heal. However, it is more expensive that the disease would develop without treatment. The disease, which causes increasingly severe symptoms, can only be stopped and cured with timely antibiotic treatment.

The red spot is a characteristic symptom of Lyme disease

Prevention of Lyme disease

We do not have any vaccines against Lyme disease, so prevention plays an important role. Avoid sad, shitty places! Just kill yourself in Fы if you drop pokrуc! During your outings, give your child light, full-body clothing, pants under the socks, and tricot pants.Children are more often attacked by ticks on the head and neck. The white cloth cap and cloth are practical because they are easier to spot on the tick. Puppy long hair is worth combing and braiding. 6-8 eagles effective warrants. Only treat children on exposed skin and apply in thin layers! In large quantities, it is also absorbed from the skin and may cause headaches, sometimes allergic. Examine the child thoroughly after trips and outdoor activities!If you find a tick in your child, you may be easily uncertain about how to remove it. Unlike braces, you should not smear any substance with the substance - fat, oil, sour cream - to drown. Read the to-do list, tips on tick removal. If you find a tick, remove it immediately! For the head tip, grab the skin near the skin with a pair of tweezers so that do not squeeze the potrohbecause that's where the Lyme bacterium is! You do not have to worry about ticks tearing into the skin, as it does not contain any infectious sources.

Helpful Hints on Lyme Curry

It is advisable to make a note of the location of the tick and remove it from the calendar so that you can inform your doctor about the time of tick ticking when any disease symptoms occur. Effective vaccination is currently considered to be against tick-borne viral meningitis, which is worth giving!They may also be interested in:
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