Infrared Lamp and Bioptron Lamp - Use it for Your Child

Infrared Lamp and Bioptron Lamp - Use it for Your Child

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During the cold season, you can benefit greatly from an infrared or bioptron lamp that can cure a variety of upper respiratory illnesses by heat or light.

Infrared Lamp and Bioptron Lamp - Use it for Your Child

You can also use the lamps for children in the treatment of many diseases, but there are a few rules that you need to follow in this case.

The light that burns

Infrared rays have infrared rays that are longer than visible light and are capable of penetrating deeper layers of body tissues and exerting heat. In the applied area, this stimulates circulation and blood flow, thereby accelerating healing. In contrast, the spectrum of the bioptron lamp contains only the lower infrared field, so when used, the temperature rises to a maximum of 37 degrees, so it will not be much warmer than the body's normal temperature, similar to an infrared light.

The disease is most effective at the beginning

Infrared light can be used to treat problems of the forehead, facial area, skin, superficial skin, cold sores, sore throat, hoarseness, cold sores, cold sores, cold sores, , is also suitable for furuncular cure, we learned Dr. Enikх SzыcsBecause the infrared lamp enhances metabolism in the treated area, more oxygen and nutrients are transported to it, thereby accelerating the healing process and the regeneration process. In the initial stages, when we feel for ourselves and our children that our area is aching, especially as mentioned above, it is worthwhile to start using the lamp.

Careful with the power!

Because the infrared lamp exerts heat, it must be used with caution: due to the heat, the inflammatory process can be very accelerated and purulent melting may occur, resulting in increased pain. If infra-infrared is used for a short period of time, the skin becomes blurred, or in more severe cases, blistering of the skin can occur. It is therefore more advisable to use a bioptron lamp as it reduces inflammation and soothes the skin - the expert explained.

More baby than bioptron

The ear-nose specialist has been asked how to use lamps in children. According to him, the use of lanterns is not recommended for very young children, because it is important to in a relaxed position be. - When the smaller child is asleep, we use the lamp at most, so that we can always keep the light in one place. THE babies prefer the bioptron lamp instead of the infrared lamp we use it because the former can easily burn the skin. Whether it is bioptron or infrared, it is better to first apply it to children over the age of 4-5 years, if you do not need it earlier - warned Dr. Enikх Szыcs.

A few minute treatments

If your baby is definitely using the bioptron lamp when they are asleep, apply it to the problem area a maximum of 2 minutes. For slightly older children over the age of 4-5 years, this interval can be increased to 10 minutes once, but if you have an unpleasant discomfort, you should stop breathing immediately if you have this disease. I wonder if we can use the lamp. If the application develops inflammation and is more pleasing to the child, cool the area rather than warm it. Warming is also common in people with inflammatory diseases of the ear, in which case children may benefit from using a bioptron or infrared lamp, but do so for as long as possible, feel good - let's keep warm. The use of infrared warming or bioptron lamps can be used alone in the onset of the disease, and the development of the disease may be a good addition to antibiotic treatments, as it is less likely to occur.


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