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7 Tips To Avoid Food Wasting

7 Tips To Avoid Food Wasting

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The strange counterpoint to quantity and quality starvation is that it costs a tonne to waste in the face of over-strict quality standards, or expense, or even irresponsible purchase. One million people around could live well with what we throw away.

7 Tips To Avoid Food Wasting

Two Million Tons of Food: We throw so much into the trash every year in Hungary. In addition to the causes, it is worth addressing how to reduce the amount of food that goes into the wastes. Moreover, the problem does not escape our country. According to the latest nutrition survey, although over 60 percent of the adult population is overweight or obese, other surveys also indicate that malnutrition is present in domestic children.

Fasting: Quantity and quality can be

It is important to know that we can talk about hunger. By quantity or absolute starvation, we mean that someone does not have the energy they need to maintain their health (on average, 2200-2500 kcal). Quality hunger, on the other hand, arises when your body's daily energy requirements are met, and one or more of the nutrients (carbohydrate, white, vitamins or minerals) are not, or are inadequately йlelmiszer simply gets trashed too strict quality standards, the expense or just the irresponsible purchase.Dr. Gyula Kasza, according to the National Food Chain Safety Authority (NBIHH), we estimate approximately two million tons of food discarded in Hungary each year, and about one-third of all food produced in the world is equivalent to about one third However, they are not known by nature, and more research is currently being carried out into the methodology of measurement. However, it is clear that in more advanced countries, much more is wasted the technological deficiencies of households, and of the underdeveloped, the production, processing, storage and transportation of food produce unnecessarily large amounts of food waste. The wastage of Hungarian households is far below that of the very old English, but it is still worth a million more than what we spend every year. or just set up a banana banquet. It is important to know that they also had a market protection objective, but in the meantime, the decision-makers considered the resulting food waste unsustainable, so since 2009, these rules have been removed.

Quality is preserved, but how long can you consume it?

There are two kinds of labels on packaged foods, which are not differentiated by most consumers. However, with close attention, we can prevent tens of kilos of food from being thrown away every year if we know what it means. With the help of Dr. Gyula Kasza, we look at what labels we can deal with in food. quality preservation time denotes the period for which the food can be expected to remain safe and to retain its original quality properties when stored under the specified storage conditions.Fogyaszthatу: this label is typically found on foods (dairy products, pickled, cold-cooked salads) that are rapidly degraded from a microbiological point of view (typically refrigerated storage, i.e. 0-10 ° C). Consuming them after the expiration date may be risky, even if there are no visible signs of deterioration. Quality is maintained by: the date on longer-lasting foods indicates the amount of time you can expect the product to provide quality, such as taste, smell, color or texture. After a given date, they may lose quality, enjoyment, but this does not necessarily mean that they cannot be consumed. He added that these dates are set by the manufacturers, who are generally wary of the expiration date, as this also implies a liability over time. Improper storage, cluttered packaging works against food quality and food safety, if the product avoids these problems, we can confidently extend the shelf life.

Can We Eat Expired Food?

Antal Emese Dietitian, Sociologist, a professional leader of the TЙT Platform Association, has said over the past few decades, food manufacturers have made a number of innovations to keep processed foods alive. Just think of milk: With the so-called ESL technology, fresh milk can last up to 21 days, while losing virtually nothing of its valuable nutrients. However, the dietitian points out that foods with short shelf-life, such as dairy products, flesh, However, the minхsйgmegхrzйsi idхt kezelhetjьk but flexible: if you do not lбthatу the йlelmiszeren, йrezhetх minхsйgi problйma a better time mйg fogyaszthatу.Ha odafigyelьnk the lejбrati idхkre, йs jуl tervezzьk йtrendьnket at the йletmуdunk much fenntarthatуbbб vбlik, йs felйre-harmadбra csцkkenthetjьk a waste йlelmiszerek quantity - summed up by experts. And that is what our environment and, of course, our wallet will miss.

7 Tips to Avoid Food Wasting

1. Plan your family schedule in advance, and make a shopping list!
2. Don't be fooled by the store, just buy what you have will definitely consume then.
3. If there is more than one piece in your home, use the principle that stores or businesses: use the oldest first, whichever comes closest to the expiration date.
4. The food industry is making continuous improvements to ensure the long-term survival of processed foods. Vбsбroljon minхsйgi, and more sustainable products that will save the environment as well as your wallet.
5. Take advantage of a mйlyhыtхt: most of the raw materials, uneaten food can be frozen. Think of this as a close-up of food that you can save from the trash.
6. Many foods can be consumed shorter or longer during the preservation period. Let's do this before throwing it out.
7. That Remains of new food you can do some magic on the internet through numerous recipe pages.


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