Protecting Your Little Baby Fight the Least Illnesses!

Protecting Your Little Baby Fight the Least Illnesses!

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Sun rays, or more precisely UV rays, are responsible for one of the most common cancers, the skin. Small sensitive skin needs to be protected much better because radiation is more serious to them.

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What's more, many parents aren't even aware that babies and teens can be exposed to skin. According to an American expert, 3 percent of pediatric cancers are skin-related, whereas in the 15-19 age group, this is about 6%. The proportion of affected children is slowly but steadily increasing. And the UV exposure in childhood (especially when they burn off) is "blistering" and you can even double it adult melanoma may develop. However, many parents do not always care for children with sensitive skin. All the little ones, that is, babies younger than six months, Protect from direct sunlightand should only be ventilated in the sun in summer. They are still so low in melanin in the body, the compound that gives pigmentation to the skin, eyes and hair, and protects us from the radiation of the skin so that the skin is very sensitive to the sun. In the owls where the radiation is strongest (cow between 11 and 3 owl) don't take the little ones out for a walk - Usually these are the hottest owls at the same time.Never be completely dressed or just in a little diaper, give them a dress that is light and breathable but protects the arms and legs. Their heads and faces were wide flanged we're wearing a hat. Let's not forget that it is in the car You can get them in the sunshine, so install a sunblock on your car windows when you get there! From the age of 6 months onwards, if possible, do not use any luminous cream. The size of the skin surface relative to the body as a whole is quite large, so they can be much more sensitive to the possible side effects of wearing creams. However, we can safely smudge our six month olds, with a minimum factor of 20. or hat. At this age, calmly we can apply staining cream, but keep in mind that this is just one of many security tools - unfortunately, many parents forget to bring in the shady space or wear the right clothes. However, the megfelelх szokбsok kialakнtбsa very important to kicsiknйl, because this is not just vйdhetjьk the bхrьket at (йs this csцkkenthetjьk the kйsхbbi sъlyos betegsйgek kialakulбsбnak esйlyйt), but megmaradhatnak.Ha the childhood jу szokбsok akбr йletьnk vйgйig the gyermekьnk bцlcsхdйbe, уvodбba, csalбdi napkцzibe jбr , be sure to ask them if they will smear the little ones before they are taken out for play or if they need to wear a waxing cream. We can join together with other parents.
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