Learn How to Revise a Mid-Range Kitchen

Learn How to Revise a Mid-Range Kitchen

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1701 cuisine kitchens were inspected by professional inspectors from the National Food Chain Safety Authority (NBIH): more than 7% of kitchens performed surprisingly on the spot, while 6% tested unsatisfactory.

Learn How to Revise a Mid-Range Kitchen

Inferior results no punishment, in these places, NBIBA provides professional assistance in repairing and improving bugs.The intermediation is a complex, multiplayer service. In Hungary today there are 3000-3500 cuisine and 6500 extra cuisine per day, mostly child, sick or elderly. Recently, the quality of the food served has been increasing, which is often justified. The minхsйgromlбs - the szolgбltatуk kцzцtti бrverseny йs in low megrendelхi fizetхkйpessйg - often ismerethiбnyra or figyelmetlensйgre vezethetх vissza.Ezen problйmбk csцkkentйse йs indнtotta the йtkeztetйs йlelmiszerbiztonsбgi szнnvonalбnak javнtбsa йrdekйben - egyelхre test basis - minхsйgvezйrelt kцzйtkeztetйs programjбt the NЙBIH.2015 oktуberйtхl jъniusбig 2016, that is to say, under a curriculum throughout the country 1701 Public kitchen kitchen Qualification was carried out by NBIBI experts. Surprisingly, in-service, thorough, food safety and quality aspects were examined. Downloaded from the 147 inquiries, available from the public NBIBI website, provides a unified visibility and transparency. The capacity of the kitchens examined was below 100 persons and more than 5,000 persons. In the first "curriculum" the kitchen about 6% of the 103 animals were tested unsatisfactory, mgg 124 (7.3%) received a significant rating. Among the most common mistakes were that workers were unfamiliar with workplace food safety rules, dishwashers and dishes were inadequate, and food was not displayed on the menu. The cleanliness of facilities, equipment and utensils has also been a problem in many places. Almost 60% of kitchens are unfamiliar with Good Hygiene Guidelines (GHP). help your kitchenette their work in repair. The agency does not sanction the errors detected. Kitchen operators will receive a list of identified issues, accompanied by professional suggestions. The development will be audited at a later date. The presentation of good examples can be encouraging as well, so the details of the excellent and good quality cuisine will be added to the NBIBA website, if you agree.
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