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Baby's Obligatory Readings

Baby's Obligatory Readings

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It goes from soft textile books to the first serious storybook. What are the most important states? Get to know your baby's first readings!

Baby's Obligatory ReadingsTell your child about newborn age! - recently told a school graduation parent. It is shocking, but in many families, neither telling nor reading fairy tales is part of the babies' weekdays, though common sense, verse, saying, and book reading should play a very important role in the family.

From books to books

From the first moment on, the voice of her mother is very important for the newborn baby, so the short, sweet sleeping songs, the sayings are soothing, eager to listen to them.

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As the tiny figure opens the world and begins to explore its surroundings, let's first introduce the soft scrollable pamphlets. These have a small version that can be hung on a baby or carrier, which you will be interested in watching at 2-3 months, approx. she is ready to go and ready to go with her from the age of half. Interactive textbook:
Of course, we can make our first textile booklets for the baby ourselves. For this purpose, a variety of different tactile materials (felt, plush, fur, glossy surface) should be used. The cards are decorated with a picture of a lovely animal, a plant or a simple object (ball, cube, house). They are very popular with baby dolls paddling books, you can view, browse, and swim in the bath while in the bathtub.The first serious baby books are worth getting from the age of 6 months. In the scrolling books, larger, simple pictures (animals, everyday objects, doll-like toys) can be found and contain no words. Okay, so if the pages are hard (cardboard or foam books), that little baby hand can hold on to it without having to tear it. Children are fond of proverbial books because of their rhythm and melody. If you have a stable baby, take it and say it.Jakabosné Judit Kovács: Round Books Very popular and practical books for the smaller ones a leporellуk too. These are thick cardboard sheets that can be folded in harmonically. Okay, if they have activating details that your baby can grab (like a baby's coat is soft or the door of the house can be opened). By 1 year of age his tiny manners and hand-to-hand coordination are developing a lot, by this time the removable, openable windows books and volumetric pages can be handed over freely. A book that lets you look at pictures, pull out your eyelids, slip on figures, and keep kids busy for a long time. After one year, it is shorter, not too complicated mesйkkel you can also introduce the toddler. The seasons, the day-to-day routines of babies, are eagerly listened to by the baby.Rotraut Susanne Berner: Autumn Ball Eric Carle: The insatiable caterpillarAfter 2 years they can come from a currency paper reading and storybooks. Initially, they also tend to contain larger images with less text. During this period, the child will have tales close to the heart that he likes to listen to again and again. Big favorites can be a everyday life situations presented stories, stories.Berg Judit: HistimesRemember! you have already 15-20 minutes daily with a story, you can do a lot for your child's development with preaching! Reading has a good effect on the baby's emotional world, and improves his or her memory, imagination and dementia. Always have time to tell her!Related articles on Child Development:
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