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Immunization: Advice from the pediatrician

Immunization: Advice from the pediatrician

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With the September kindergarten and weaning, the question arises again and again as to how to strengthen our child's immune system. Dr. Edit Hidvégi Children's Crib will assist us in answering this request.

Immunization: Advice from the pediatrician

Immunization-boosting advertisements are regularly appearing on television and in the news before September's commencement of the wartime and high school. However, the question arises whether our child's immune system really needs to be boosted.Dr. Hidvegie Edit, pediatric patients think it's worthwhile to boost your immune system, because the infection reaches everyone, but it doesn't matter how strong your immune system is. There are children who have low immune defenses in the first place, but this does not always work out during the years they spend at home. However, when this is bad, deficiencies of defective immunoglobulins or specific white blood cells may occur early in life.When a child, . These are all things to discuss with your home pediatrician and you can find out the most about a coloring matter. Fortunately, after some viral infections, the immune system is also temporarily weakened, as the home pediatrician knows.

And when do we need to deal with immune boosting?

We can start boosting our immune system as soon as our baby is born, because breastfeeding is the most important. Breast milk contains a lot of protective substances, which is what distinguishes it most from the milk of another mother or from her own frozen breast milk. Not to mention nutrition! Breastfeeding nutrition is required for at least 6 months of age. Another important thing is Do not give unnecessary antibiotics to the kid. When the little whooping cough sounds, you may not be infected by a bacterium. The antibiotic has no effect on viral infections. Do not require pediatric antibiotics because they know when to give them.

The most important immune enhancers

Vitamin D, as has been shown in recent years, not only aids ossification but also contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system. This is a must give to the baby, never forget the roul! vitamins and fish oil also contributes to the enhancement of fitness. They are recommended in the most natural form, but in the winter, instead of fresh fruits and vegetables, a little vitamin supplementation is not worthwhile. to poke a little.A probiotics has also been shown to have a beneficial effect on the immune system. Scientific studies have shown us to be one of our largest immune systems. The lymph nodes in the inner wall are very actively involved in the development of proper immunity. Billions of good bacteria living in the inside contribute to this. The antibiotic kills not only the germicidal bacteria, but also these good bacterial bacteria. This may require the need for antibiotic treatment or after the administration of probiotics. These include those containing at least 4-5 species of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains. antioxidбnsok they also contribute a lot to the functioning of the immune system. These include vitamins (Vitamin C, E and A, flavonoids), omega-3 fatty acids, certain minor elements (selenium, zinc, etc.). Adequate iron intake is also essential, as a child with anemia is more likely to become infected. THE enough protein intake (not exaggerated!) is important because immunoglobulins are made from these.

Should I? Don't we give?

One of the common questions about boosting the immune system is whether or not you need to give your child a multivitamin supplement. The offer is irish, but do the little ones really have to take it? According to Edit Honda, the multivitamins over 2-3 years may be necessary. The csecsemхk the anyatejbхl the legtцbb szьksйgletьket out tudjбk elйgнteni, superfluous нgy szбmukra the ilyesfйle kйszнtmйnyek.Szintйn to use szьlхk kцrйben more nйpszerыbb kьlцnfйle йtrend-kiegйszнtхket бtgondoltan, kikiбltott hatйkonynak immune system erхsнtх kйszнtmйnyeket.A mйhpempх йs propolis pйldбul you can't give it to little kids, after all, allergies are of no use.
The other very popular dietary supplement, grapefruit seed drops, however, can influence the degradation of some drugs, so it is not always recommended for adults.

When your doctor gives you an immune boost

The doctor also said that there are also prescription-only (prescription) immune-boosting formulas, but they should only be used in very justified cases. There are also capsules containing extract or germicidal bacteria, or smaller powders that are harmless. Allergy Center).


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