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Now motherhood is my most important role!

Now motherhood is my most important role!

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'Natalie Portman, who, unlike the Beatitudes, has no movie roles for the time being,' commented.

The thirty-year-old Oscar winner, most recently seen in the Black Swan, seems to enjoy three days with her three-month-old baby, Aleph. As you can see from the most recent photos, it is an enthusiastic baby carrier: you carry the little boy with you in the snugli carrying case. Photographed just after marketing, they got huge piles of fruit and greenery.
Your child with your father, your grandfather, Benjamin Millepeid with a choreographer just turned the Black Swan twist of fate. The couple have just arrived home from Los Angeles on their European charts and appear to be leading the market.
The actress, who is currently one of the faces of Dior, wore a full range of casual wear, jeans, beige jackets, hoodies and makeup.
The family has also not shown much in recent months, most recently they were caught in lentils in Switzerland. Although many thought that Natalie Portman would star in the Adaline movie after her maternity leave, she declined the offer. This was already evident at the Oscar gala when he turned to these words for his French actress following the award of the best actress: My Wonderful Love, Benjamin, who gave me the most important role in my life.
You can still see Natalie Portman on the screen now in her previously filmed films, Thor and Kirgyly (Your Highness).
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