How Long does a Trimester Last?

How Long does a Trimester Last?

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The burden is divided into trimesters. But do you know how long each of these stages really lasts?

If you have ever asked for the above request, you may have experienced that how many pages, so many answers. Different professionals usually give different dates for asking when a trimester starts and how long. however, the 40th week of pregnancy is coming out.

First trimester: Week 0 - 13 and 6/7. week (1-3 pm)

The last menstrual period starts on the first day and is actually the last day of the 13th week. In the last period, the body is getting ready for pregnancy, but you can read more about how much everything is going on during this period.

Second Trimester: Week 14 - 27 and 6/7. week (4-7 pm)

It starts 14 weeks after your last menstrual period and lasts until the 27th week of pregnancy. We read more about it here, worth reading!

Third trimester: Wed 28 - 40 and 6/7. hyt (7-9) hrs

The last months of baby breastfeeding, many consider this to be the most difficult month of pregnancy. Read what's changing and happening at this time (via)
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