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Blunting (or also called amblyopia) is not a distinct disease, but a cause of death due to the inability to develop or to fail. Prevention is typically dealt with in children's eyes.

However, when asked about the dull adult's hopeful question of whether this condition can be handled in adulthood, the general eye is hard on the decided and depressed gender. It is possible to treat buttocks from 9 to 10 years, but not as soon as possible.The blunt eyes are not blind. This is the most common suffering. Tompalabout is the eye in which neural pathways from the point of origin have not established their proper relationships with the corresponding areas of the visual cortex. So the fine visual skill required for reading, writing, in the normal sense of the day, has not evolved on this page.

Symptoms of buttocks

Symptoms of Tomtumping In many cases, children are unable to tell their symptoms or what they are experiencing is a problem. They don't notice that they couldn't see one of them. Only one image in the cerebral cortex is conscious, so no cure can occur. The cleaning test is the best way to see if there is a problem. You have to cover one of the eyes of the baby and if you feel uncomfortable, you may have a problem. This method can also be used to detect the top malt in older children. Traces of strabismus can also be traced. There is also a test: you need to make two samples on a piece of paper. One side should be solid gray, the other one should be gray. If all is well, the baby will look at the slim side. It is also worth moving and watching if you are following your eyes.


The eyes may be affected by paleness uncorrected misconduct. The palpable eye may be the eyes that are squinting and the child will never see it, it will turn off. You can make the eyes teary if the lens gets blurred and the cataract does not stop in time.

Dumping is not a distinct disease


Preventing blunting depends on the October you choose. If your child has a financial problem, it is appropriate szemьveggel we do it. If you squint, do not squint for a couple of hours a day, we cover it with a eyebrow patch made for this purpose, so that you can "work" with the squint. If the mucous membranes of a given eye are not clear, we may help you with microsurgery. The point is the treatment at the right time The evolution, which is actually the process of connecting the eyeballs and the cortex, "wiring", is a time-consuming process. It starts as soon as the child comes out and around It ends at 8-9 years. It is only at this time that the buttocks can be prevented and the buttocks formed for some reason can be reversed. What we do not realize at this time in the development of the weaker eye, we will not sooner.


Blunting can be handled well in most cases, but in this fight the parent is the real executive. First of all, you have to understand that you are competing against time. You also need to understand that the true benefits of cleaning treatment will not be true in childhood, but in the distant future, in the patient's adult years. If one of the eyes is dull, ill yellowing, degeneration, or otherwise, severely worsening the condition, threatening life disaster. With all of this in mind, we should be emphatically impatient with the young child when it comes to protesting the good looks of even a couple of eyes.
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