Small child equal relationship desire?

Small child equal relationship desire?

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In 2007, 60 percent of the children were underage children, according to Sociologist Erzsébet Földhazi in his 2009 Demographic Portfolio, which assumes that this is a particularly difficult time in the relationship.

Eszter Pintár psychologist confirms that the arrival of the child, while having a lot of fun, is not an easy time for parents, especially if they are not prepared for it. Generally, an idyllic picture of baby dolling, and the reality may be very different.
The birth of a child brings with it many difficult conditions: roles are transformed, responsibilities are lost, relationships become less independent, incomes are reduced, and expenses are increased.

Small child equal relationship desire?

"The key is to look out for each other," he says.
- You have to be more angry with each other during this time, but if the waves are crashing over your head, you still have to give yourself time to talk to each other. This has to be planned initially, but in practice it is lagging behind. It should not be taken for granted that the relationship will remain the same after the baby is born. It is important for the father to play a role in the father's role, who, during pregnancy, can only indirectly contact the baby, indirectly between the small and the father, but more or less.
In the case of men, I consider acceptance to be the most important and to be clear about what their couple is going through. Because hormonal changes have a major influence on behavior, this can lead to natural fluctuations and a certain degree of anxiety.


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