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Cure your child with red onion!

Cure your child with red onion!

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Not only does red onion make our treats finer, but they can also heal. Rugen was a home healing fund. Now, some of you - working from the perspective of the centuries - are going to introduce you to a method that might come to you.

For our grandmothers, we should not forget this old and simple healing method, especially because the onion is very simple and inexpensive in the market as well as in water. besides magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, it contains B1, B2. Vitamin B3, B5, B6, C, folic acid and biotin. While ancient Greek and Roman historians have recorded their use, Paracelsus said roula: "Onions are as valuable as an entire pharmacy." That's why you can't miss your home pharmacy!


If you see a baby, put a sliced ​​onion overnight at the height of your bed. The essential oils released from the onion help in healing. But you can try the onion milk for the first time! Two small onions are needed to prepare. Cut the onions finely, then boil them with 1 clove, 1 slice of thyme and 1 teaspoon of water in 1 dl of water. Let it stand for a couple of minutes and press it through a sieve. Bring to a boil with 2 dl of milk and drink. It is recommended to consume 2 chews a day!


Red onion may also be a good solution to the unpleasant symptoms of throat sores. Cut a large fresh onion into large slices. Cover with sugar and put in the refrigerator in one go. Half a day later, the onion releases sweet juice. More than once a day, 1 to 1 teaspoonful should be eaten by the sore throat. If your child is also ill, you should try the following! Chop two or three onions, then cook with three tablespoons of sugar or honey! To do this, add 8 dl of water and cook for 5 minutes. It is made from a relatively thick syrup which should be cooled down and consumed 3-5 tablespoons a day.

Cure your child with red onion!

Cold hands and feet

Many toddlers complain that in the fall period, their hands and feet are bothered by warm gloves and socks. In this case, it helps to cook 3-4 pieces of onion and then boil it in water. After that, wait for the pan to cool nicely, then wash the cold, cold ends with it.


Raw onions are a great immune boost in the autumn months, making our body more resistant to colds. Unfortunately, due to its characteristic strong taste, it is not really popular with children. Therefore, if you can, try to smuggle it in as much food as possible. Lurkou's favorite yogurt can be sausage salad, potato salad, corn salad if you fool it with a little onion. And if you can't really get the raw onion to eat, then there is the adhu, the plucked onion ring! As for turning it into minced almonds instead of prey and frying it in olive oil, it can be more of a healthy treat.


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