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To climb Legur is better than anything

To climb Legur is better than anything

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Anyone who has climbed to the bottom knows that it can be very painful. Some people think of it as a popular show and say it's more of a headache than going to the sun.

To climb Legur is better than anythingScott Bell - Former Guinness Recorder Parasit - Operates an event organizer target where you can go on hot charcoal, glass splinters or just about anything. He thinks that the very act is the most painful. Most of the time, it is also a popular activity, and it is funny to see it on show shows. Everything started in 2014, when George Takei posted a picture of the most recent show, and those who posted on the show could buy tickets for Lego adventure cinema - read the Index article. The question is, of course, why do you bite so much? Of the most ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) material, which is a high-grade and high-strength material, you just want to lose a lot of it. Tests have shown that a cube weighs about 500 kilos, meaning that when someone rushes, there is nothing at all, just according to the laws of physics, that he gets into his sole and is terribly painful. The sole is also full of sensory receptors, just like our hands. It is also interesting that stepping on a single eagle is more painful than walking on a single ridge because the focus is on that small area. It is also painful because we can never get a smooth, homogeneous surface.
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