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There can be up to a five-fold difference between food allergies and the price of normal, non-dietary foods, according to a comparative survey.

An earlier spring survey by Majomkenyйr.hu has pointed out that families affected by food allergies often spend 20-25 thousand HUF more on food than non-dieters. The portal has now been looking at which product category is most important in terms of health and nutrition. They selected a few basic foods that are part of the diet of food allergies on a daily basis and compared their average prices to those of normal foods.
"According to the results of the survey, gluten-free flours are 5.3 times more expensive than normal flour, and similarly to gluten-free breads, the difference is about 5.7 times the difference in fat. close to the average price in stores compared to normal non-standard products. Even the gluten-free pizza is twice the price, the gluten-free spaghetti is three times the price. " said Andrea Salgу, one of the founders of the portal at the press briefing.
However, not only can the child be gluten sensitive. If you are allergic to milk or lactose intolerant, you should pay attention to dairy products as well. Lactose-free milk is twice as much as rice, soya, almond milk three times more expensive than whole cow's milk. Even more so are those who suffer from a hereditary metabolic disorder, i.e. PKU disease, since meat, meat, fish, dairy products, cereal-based products, egg yolks, egg yolks. Anyone who wants to buy spaghetti for a PKU kid can easily pay six times the normal price for a meal, while counting the amount of flour available to a child at seven times the price. The current situation adversely affects those who, due to their limited financial circumstances, are unable to maintain a gluten-free diet - emphasized by Tímea Csikós, a representative of the Fundamental Rights Commission. On several occasions, the Ombudsman of Szabou has repeatedly pointed out that support for the gluten-sensitive is inadequate, and the current situation is violated by the principle of equal treatment. "Celiac disease is not treated with medication, but with diet, and because medication does not involve affected individuals, so they do not benefit from social security benefits," said Csik. . - but not everyone can be part of it
"It would be much better for people with celiac disease if special ingredients were available for prescription in pharmaceuticals. Such solutions have been used in Western Europe as well," said Dr. Dudabs Maria law.
Without support, there are a few tricks that can make everyday life cheaper for those affected - although these are usually more time consuming than buying something in the store.
Within the framework of the Cheese Event featuring the results of a comparative survey, winners of the charity prize announced in the summer of MonkeyKinger.com are also eligible to receive their prizes. There were 229 children applying for the interview who were in trouble for the dietary supplement needed to comply with the diet. The charity campaign has raised around $ 1 million in donations worth $ 152,000: items, foods, and programs that benefit the daily life of people with food allergies and intolerances.


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