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Szьltйl? Add 11 years to your age

Szьltйl? Add 11 years to your age

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According to American researchers, our cells grow 11 years old. But this is contradicted by the results of a few years ago.

American scientists have examined two thousand women between the ages of 20 and 44 and found that those who are born are at the same level as the 11-year-old childless women who have the ability to read cells. The woman who has a child participating in the study is a telomeres were 4.2 percent shorterlike those who were not born. (It should be known that telomeres decrease with age as a result.) Scientists have found that cell growth is accelerated more rapidly by supersaturation than by smoking.
What is Telomere?
It is a repeated sequence of DNA endings which protects DNA from short-term effects during cell division. The longer telomeric may furthermore shorten the short-circuited gene set in DNA. Human cells are capable of about 50 cell divisions, after which they may die. With the regression of telomeres, immortality could be achieved on a theoretical plane.

Contradictory research results

What is very interesting is that a 2016 research based on exactly the opposite advice. They've come to the conclusion that the more children you raise, the longer your telomeres will be and will grow slower. Oktober, scientists have indicated an increase in estrogen levels. two contradictory research results you may find that it is not necessarily the act of birth that is responsible for the shortening of telomeres. Perhaps stress is the key to solving it, which of course can come from parenting. But as we know what to live for and how to deal with problems, stressful situations, it is up to us to improve.

One thing is for sure

It is not known what the final conclusion of the causes is. Fact: The beautiful hair is slowly taking over power in our hair era. To whom slower, to whom faster. When we are mothers, we suddenly realize that it is impossible to prepare for the emotional and physical strain that motherhood goes through. For sure, the last sleepless owl will be worth it. That smile, the embrace, makes us all mothers. True?Related materials:


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