Is it okay to have a drink in your kid's drink cup for a few days?

Is it okay to have a drink in your kid's drink cup for a few days?

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With the fact that milk is going to spoil quickly and it's not worth storing it in the open air, everyone knows. But what is the situation in general?

It must have happened to you, that all and somehow he had forgotten about having to see him again a couple of days later. According to experts, the risk of this baby becoming ill is very low, assuming it was in the refrigerator for the rest of the time.Milk and dairy products are not cooled, because provide an excellent culture medium for bacteria. It is a good idea to put the cow back in the refrigerator after consuming it.

Always make fresh teas and fruit juices

There is some disagreement about the shelf life of breast milk, but the most important detail regarding the sustainability of breast milk is the details of the milking. If milk and milk are properly sterilized using appropriate sterilized utensils and conditions, and mothers are familiar with the most important rules for disinfection, breast milk should be kept in a standard refrigerator at + 4-5 ° C. It may take up to 3 days. It is also advisable to apply a hummer to the refrigerator.

Take your warranty seriously

Deteriorated drinks and foods can easily absorb bacteria into your body, but contrary to popular belief, bacteria are not necessarily caused by bacteria, but rather by the toxins they produce in your body. And how fast does the tangle come out? Eight to twelve space latencies are common for more common bacteria in Salmonella, and 1-5 space latencies are typical for other bacteria. In meats, fish, fish, cheese bacteria can easily multiply.They may also be interested in:
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