8 things you need to know about sex during pregnancy

8 things you need to know about sex during pregnancy

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From the moment you find out, baby, you have another relationship with sex. One of the questions you have to answer about the physical and mental state, which has never been comparable before, is: How does it affect their love-triad?

Many things change in your body and in your life, including sexual habits. After all, not many of them are in bed.

1. You want to have sex better than ever

Many well-to-do women have a better sex life than ever before. This is because a altered hormone balance It makes you more sensitive, enhances your sexual desire, and your sexual desire is stronger. However, hormone activity also makes you want to look better, prettier, and even more desirable. It is no coincidence that many expectant mothers spend more attractive outdoors than when they were pregnant. Few feelings of remorse for having sex, even though this can be said to be normal in the state of childhood blood.

2. You can completely refuse to make love

It may come to pass that the layman suppresses his sexual desires, and that lovemaking is the last thing that comes to his mind. There are also many reasons why a part of a baby mother is afraid of sex. At first, the cravings, the fatigue, take away the mood, the mood from sex. If your partner doesn't know what to expect for your stay, kindly but firmly explain to her that sex is not on her to-do list at this time. After the initial unpleasant symptoms disappear, your relationship to sex can change. If it doesn't, don't worry about not making the leap. There's nothing wrong with it, it's really focused on your baby's birth right now.

3. Your partner wants to make love more than ever

Because that could happen. And with the intention of raising the sexual ghost to unprecedented heights - and, of course, the self, because many men find it more beautiful, more desirable. Pregnancy can be sexually excited for men. Both of them can increase their passion, their desire to this time there is no problem with conception, you do not want to become pregnant with any fear. In fact, you can only watch for acquisition. Many women find that their couple is more attentive, careful, and sexually motivated, because they are more in love than ever. And sensing fatherhood is just as exciting for men as it is for women.

Much can change during pregnancy during sex

4. Your couple would pause for sexual intercourse

Not all men enthusiastically welcome the change in body volume of their couple's pregnancy. You may not be fond of a beloved sweetheart, it disturbs your state, and unfortunately, it doesn't feel that much to be desired. Other males are not disturbed by the enlarged breasts, the big tummy, even though they try to banish sex during pregnancy. Tцbbsйgьk fears that it will cause distress the baby. Others feel like they have innocent talents in their minds and are drastically reducing their sexual repertoire. This may make you feel a little uncomfortable, but you should definitely talk about your senses, including any changes in your sexual habits.

5. You can be a part of a diverse experience first

This is the great moment for the wonderful congregations. During pregnancy, estrogens make women more sensitive, helping with quick and multiple repetition. Orgasm, muscle contraction, will help in the subsequent anguish. Increased hormonal counts during pregnancy, increased intensity of activity they make the genitalia more sensitive. For some women, this extra sensibility is uncomfortable, but for others, it can fly into the sky in the midst of lovemaking.

6. Your doctor may advise you about sex

It may be possible for a doctor to completely ban a patient from sex. If you have had sex before, you should be careful about sex. Especially in the former menstrual period. Keep away from sex, even if any bleeding occurs, you should inform your physician, who will provide you with advice in case of any problems. Experience has shown that women avoid sexual contact in the early stages of pregnancy and in the weeks before childbirth. It is rare for a pregnant woman to suffer from frontal cushioning when placed between the cervix and the baby, which may cause her to avoid body composition.

7. Previously, they have to deal with unimaginable bushes

If the usual missionary fool is already uncomfortable with this condition, they may try other techniques. The simplest thing is that it is above you, which allows you to pay attention to the depth and rhythm of the penetration. From horseracing, they can seek and try many different situations. The most important thing is to find the one that is most comfortable for both of you. What's more: for all of us. True, a big prank for a couple, but not an unnecessary prank in the much-anticipated third interest.

8. Don't worry, sex should not harm your baby

Sexual life during pregnancy Usually safe from the small aspect, protected by amniotic fluid. However, pregnant women, for their own sake, should refrain from strong, "stressful" sex. This can be painful, with vaginal bruising, which must be bruised in every aspect.
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