Problems with the skin

Problems with the skin

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One of the best activities is swimming in the middle of summer. However, the sensitive skin of children can be worn by the chlorine water, or it can open the gate to contagious or fungal infections.

There are other effects on our skin in summer than in the cooler seasons. Not only is sunshine more. The use of bathing, wind, public spaces is all the more risky for our external line of defense. You can also help your organization with homeopathic remedies. Remember that as with any homeopathic treatment, symptomatic agents are not always sufficient! However, choosing the essential ingredient for chronic healing is a specialist task, so make sure you consult a homeopathic doctor!


Drying out the skin on its own can be very uncomfortable and requires treatment. If your skin is itchy, dandruffy, and warm water is mild on symptoms, the Arsenicum album can help. Itchy skin has a good effect on Staphysagria too.


Itching can also be caused by the skin fungus, which most often appears between the toes, but can also spread to the soles and feet. It's a good idea to check your little feet regularly to get rid of the infection - especially the 4th and 5th fingers are prone to infection, start the exam here! If the fungus has been wrapped around its head, the skin is whitish-colored, thinks, and sometimes it is cracked painfully: Arsenicum iodatum can improve the situation. For older children, you can try vinegar soaking, which has a mild disinfectant effect. Pour in lukewarm water and add two tablespoons of vinegar. There is a good chance you might lose the button by waking up 10 minutes a week.


If you are not just swimming in the summer, the expression "swimming pool pellet" may sound familiar. This type of tiny grains can appear virtually on the whole body, even in bulk. A very good anti-infective agent in aqueous media is a dulcamara. If the grain appears on the soles, unsteady or in groups, and the top is hard, Antimonium crudum is the right choice.
Single, round-shaped eyes Calcarea carbonicбt hasznбlj.
THE Graphites the remedy for the grains of Christ.
The grains growing on the lips, at the tip of the nose, beneath the gum are most successful in causticum to take it away. Whatever kind of grain you are facing, you will always need Thujбra too!


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