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When Does a Baby Decide to Give Birth?

When Does a Baby Decide to Give Birth?

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One of the biggest medical mysteries so far has been why exactly 40 weeks into pregnancy, and what really sets the stage for starting a baby.

Many people have explained this with a variety of theories, but for example why they may be different, they have failed to give a satisfactory answer. However, researchers have discovered a hormonal effectsthat also lead to a parenting start. The development of the lungs is extremely important for the unborn fetus, as it must be able to breathe freely from the mother's womb.

When did your baby decide to be born?

Dr. Carole Mendelson, according to the author of the study, the lung compound, although not a hormone, behaves like a hormone. "This material warns the maternal body that it's time to give birth, even if fetal lung they think they are advanced enough to breathe air, "he said. protein and its deficiencycan play a major role in the birth of a baby from early or early age. he advocates, for example, that lung cancer should not cause disease. "Early childhood is often accompanied by a variety of respiratory infections. In addition, in premature females, the membranes that surround the fetus and in the womb are more abnormal than those of the normal immune system. falуsejt "- explained the specialist." So it can be found in the womb, in the amniotic fluid makrofбgok play a role in starting the birth, regardless of whether they are there because they are fighting some sort of disease or because the mature fetal lungs are working to get more sooner or later, we might develop drugs that can prevent premature birth. "


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