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Initially, the world is black and white

Initially, the world is black and white

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The newborn only senses faint faces and objects around him. Its distance is only 20-25 centimeters and the world is black and white.

Initially, the world is black and white and 2 dimensional

Color recognition, hand-to-eye coordination, is a stepping stone, the result of a well-documented process. After childbirth, a small child can follow just a few large objects with his eyes. It is very sensitive to strong light, so it tightens the pupils to reduce the amount of light in your eyes. After a couple of weeks, the pupils begin to swell and allow the light and darkness to be differentiated. It catches the sensations on the face vaguely.
In the second month, the mother's face is not lost by anyone else. The barely noticeable co-ordination of the eyes begins. The initiation of visual coordination allows you to follow the direction of the moving objects. For the time being, the interest only manifests itself in the fact that there are more things that attract the eye. The world is black and white to her, but it responds somewhat to red and green. Three-dimensional vision is still incapable.
By the third month, he has become more and more distinctive, and he is observing the gestures well. Slow hand-eye coordination develops. His gaze looks farther and begins to sense contrasts. It can distinguish the faces of family members and strangers.
In the fourth month, he can detect objects within a meter of distance, and he is able to follow fast movements. Even three-dimensional vision does not cause any difficulty.
In the fifth month, the baby's eyes are ready to accommodate the changed "quality" world presence. At this age, it is very important for parents to stimulate the appearance of a small child by showing unknown objects, many of whose names are repeated many times loudly.
In the sixth month, he recognizes details, distinguishes facial expressions, and in fact, in his own unique way, reacts to different emotional manifestations. Binocular vision (two eyes at a time) is formed, and due to the coordinated operation of the eyes, the same images are viewed in different angles.
Half a year, he sees the hustle and bustle of the world, and recognizes and identifies objects. Its excellent functioning organ is now primarily used to satisfy the mossy curiosity.


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