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In Debrecen, the premature intensive care unit led by Professor Balla, think that motherly love has no greater healing power!

About Dr. Gyula Balla, Head of the Department of Neonatology at the University of Debrecen Medical and Health Center, President of the Hungarian Perinatology Society

"We're working to give life a chance," Professor Balla says. - I have been active in early life for thirty years, because this area is the heart of my name. Five to six infants die nationwide (previously this number was ten), but in Hajdú-Bihar county there are only two to three. Newborns are the first of the first month, this is the most critical period, so it is all the more important that small patients receive the highest levels of care from the outset. That is why the newborn intensive care was delivered to the birth wards. This has greatly improved our results. Meanwhile, we also believe that if a healthy newborn baby has the right to be with his or her mother, then the patient is more likely than the newborns to have to transfer from institution to institution so the mother is a member of the team. We do not send out our parents during the visit, but we invite the mothers. We counted on them for their presence.
- What are some of the steps you can take to get more premature babies suckling?
"I think we are right to say that babies born under one kilogram will suck when we let them go home." From the beginning, they get their own mother's milk, even in the incubator. Apply the kangaroo method as soon as possible, and support skin-to-skin contact. The mother, the family members, can be there, beside the newborn, caress, and hand it over. If your baby gets a little stronger, you should breast-feed. The mother can go to the intensive care unit, she can be with her child all day. And when the baby is all right, he walks out to the ward next to his mother, and the weight gain increases significantly, as he or she can suckle like their healthy-born counterparts. We consider it very important to assist in the formation of binding. Because it is not "by itself", but if the mother suddenly sees herself or the baby in the little one, even a tiny prematurely child would not fail. Even if we have to lose something sooner. If you managed to leave a mark, it was worth the arrival. After all, there is nothing more important and wonderful in a person's life than hanging out with your loved ones. - Why isn't this approach and practice used in other early childhood classes in the country?
- We also created all of this by not getting a penny of support, cleaning up and donating. I try to persuade the Hospice of the Hungarian Perinatological Society every time to improve the results so that the intensive care of the ward can be done. I feel like there is no shortage of willpower. But the source misses it.


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