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Creative Christmas Ideas (X)

Creative Christmas Ideas (X)

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As we get closer to December 24, we have a bigger button in our stomachs. Most of all, when we think about how to make Christmas and the gifts under the tree this time, we don't have to spend the cost of a world travel.

The newly launched Smile Workshop is not just another family photo studio. Alongside the special images, the Workshop created objects with unique photos of creative imagery that we have not encountered in this experiment and form. SmileMySite only offers products and services that each member of the developer (middle moms) himself or herself, and which are curiosity or lacking in the market. Therefore, we have chosen to show these portlets in the following pattern.

They are round

Inspired by the site's own logo, the spherical veins are naughty and glamorous, regardless of style, in every home! They jump off the wall in a family circle! SMILE MOVIE
Do you want your memorable video clips not only on your phone and in your photo memory card? Make Smiley Cinema!
Video camera families are permanently wondering how to do digestive and enjoy the many family footage they've accumulated over time. Specialists in Workshop Exceptional Animation and Short Film are re-creating the family footage, editing, editing, animating, refreshing, sensitizing and attentive eyes. The Smiley Cinema is a memorable Christmas and Happy Birthday, which is guaranteed to be a recurring program of family and friendly reunions.


This showy frontier diary is made in collaboration with an industrial design team, and in the middle you can send a sweet photo of us - a laughing face, a small sole, a loving eye. Own photos taken in the back of a textile scaring book are a real work of art. The diary itself was also made with nice graphics, so the weekdays should not be so grim. It is interesting to note that not only the photos taken but also the entire contents are interchangeable - you can keep the gloomy through the years, you only need to change the calendar, rendelhetх. Available in two sizes and more colors.

Unique photo jewelery

Wild Jute (, in conjunction with Jewelry Maker, Judith Wild, has come up with jewels made by personal photographers at Smiley's Place. The vintage-inspired collections feature interlining earrings, rings and necklaces. But don't be frightened of anyone who would love to wear a photo directly on their ears or hands. They can make jewelry with tiny details: with a little hand, a sole or even a smile.


We recommend the Workshop's own production picture frames to irreparable romance. Dimensions and colors are available, combining different models and colors to show a fair number of colors on the wall.

Cloud form montage

Classic, warm mood wood is used for this extravaganza, and the effect is not lost. First and foremost appealing design, paired with rare photos!

Remember the tree below

In the age of digital photography, we rarely take the time and energy to unleash better moments, make paperwork inside, or even frame it. Photography has become a part of our everyday life, which is good, because there can't be a professional photographer at every important or funny moment. But sometimes it's good to stand out, give your photos, moments, a place to truly remember. With the Smile Workshop's smart gift card, you can surprise the family with photography.


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