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Make it a kids' day every day!

Make it a kids' day every day!

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This year, children receive the most beautiful gift at Bethesda City Hall: A wide-ranging social gathering has been launched at the Motherland Home for 10 people near the City Children's Center in the City.

The aim is for parents and mother-in-law to stay with their little ones during hospital stay and rehabilitation. The inquiry shows that not only would the Budapest Children's Institution have a need for this, but our country would also be happy to offer parents accommodation in many other children's hospitals. Through his own example, this national task gives a positive and followable, and at the same time an example to follow. Bethesda Kourrz and Foundation"We should not forget that it is Mom is part of the healing team, a supportive soulmate of a child. Indeed, it is not a luxury, but the most basic need for a mother to be with her child when she is in hospital for a longer period of time, "says Adi Kovács, dentist of Kossuth, d.
THE Bethesda Kуrhбz specialists in Hungary have played a pivotal role in the physical and psychological rehabilitation of children following mental illness. Following a Dutch example, they perform unique, complex care, which is not comparable in Hungary to adult rehabilitation.
THE children who have been seriously ill rehabilitation, aftercare lasts up to years - up to adulthood. Even fewer realize that rehabilitation does not have to solve just a few beauty problems. In many cases, the child's adult life and mobility is the path, and the process of recovery must also be mentally controlled. The presence and cooperation of parents is indispensable for success - but this requires time, patience and, in many cases, hospital stays for parents.

Attention to the subject is created by those sweet and small promotions, like a play day at a hospital outpatient clinic; smiling faces of little patients; announcement of donation in association with purchase promotion for the benefit of the foundation; the story of the mother and son of the hospital, the rehabilitation of the sick elderly child, and of the innermost sensations.
The Official Foundation of the Bethesda Children's Hospital and SCA Hygiene Product Ltd. has been involved in this year's joint venture with SCA - a new donator to the SPAR Bookshop. Those who purchase a Zewa Kids product between May 22 and September 9, 2014, will donate $ 50 to the Bethesda Kuhrhazz Foundation for the creation of the Mother's Home.


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