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Ear-nasal surgery in infancy

Ear-nasal surgery in infancy

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Ear-nasal medicine is a life-threatening disease that disappears from wickedness, but it is most common in young children.

If need be, we can help you with your baby so you can breathe freely

Of course, each age has its characteristic forms. So in neonatal age, we primarily deal with developmental abnormalities, then in infancy, inflammatory diseases they take the lead. Here are some of the most common or significant illnesses in our age and body:


THE fьlkagylу the most common changes are the abnormalities of the body (lice, "cat", "monkey", and in some cases, the lack of a shell). In minor cases, only minor cosmetic errors, which should be corrected only at school, are more likely to be a cause of attention or hearing loss. the middle, sometimes the inner developmental abnormalities, because they sometimes occur together. The significance of these aberrations is that they come with a hearing loss. Extreme deafness as well as a number of viral and / or viral infections in the womb or in infancy. other infections can also occur with hearing and deafness. That is why it is not possible to pre-emphasize in the newborn age, especially in the birth and in vulnerable groups (low birth weight, neuter age, etc.), screening tests are important. Today, there are objective computer-aided hearing tests that can reliably assess the hearing of newborns. nose congenital changes in the nasal swabs and nipples. nasal and cerebellum appearing between the nose and the inner corner of the eye, appearing in a soft spot. mental bracts are worth mentioning. These are surgical changes, but before X-rays (CT) and neurosurgery are indispensable.The most important part of the nasal passage is his. "Hortyogуknak" the szыkьlete elzбrуdбsa or if kйtoldali the orrlйgzйs akadбlyozбsбval the plunge ъjszьlцttet very sъlyos бllapotba, ezйrt kйtoldali instant case mыtйt elkerьlhetetlen.Ugyancsak smaller beavatkozбst igйnyel elferdьlt erхbehatбsra suffered a szьletйs kцzben orrsцvйny helyretйtele - szintйn the orrlйgzйs helyreбllнtбsa cйljбbуl.Emlнtйst йrdemelnek it is New Year's Eve: mostly banal diseases, but in part the fact that infants are still exceptionally nosebleeds and nasal congestion can result in very serious conditions, they can be very small, You absolutely must pay attention to it! Proper nasal toilets (nose drops, nasal discharge) are extremely important. lips and mouth Among the most abnormal developmental disorders, the number of babies born with a short tongue (so-called "tongue-in-cheek") is the most common. There is no need to solve this developmental disorder, but in cases of extreme severity - when the child's nutrition is too late in childhood or in young children. The role of exercise is also very important in the care of children born with lip and mucocutaneous developmental disorder. gйge congenital changes. The most important are the changes that cause respiratory congestion and so on. Tцbb fajtбjuk known: kialakulу due to szьletйs-kцzbeni erхbehatбsra keletkezх one side or egyйb reasons kйtoldali tape-bйnulбstуl the veleszьletett gйgeporc-gyengesйgig or gйgйben kifeszьlх, szыkьletet okozу hбrtyбig, tisztбzбsa the nйhбny days or weeks of age kialakulу gйgecisztбig.A exact reasons nyбktartalmъ megfelelхen equipped йs the ъjszьlцtt-ellбtбsra also kellхen felkйszьlt gyermekgyуgyбszati ​​- gyermekgйgйszeti - intйzmйnyben tцrtйnх direct gйgetьkrцzйssel possible, йs as the йletet can be szу, not only possible, but szьksйges is.Minthogy these lйgzйsi disorder you have already a szьlхszobбban fellйphetnek, йs nйha veszйlyeztetх elvбltozбsrуl the neonate requires immediate specialist care, the close co-operation of the neonatal ward and the prepared childhood described above, neonato-laryngology. This is a narrower field of expertise in the field of children as well, ear-nose surgery problems keeps cleansing and healing.More articles in this topic:
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