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The little and the little vitamin kit

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Adequate vitamin intake for children is of particular importance because your deficiencies can adversely affect the growth and development of children. Let's see what vitamins are needed in childhood?

How much vitamin do little ones need?

What Are Vitamins?

Vitamins are essential for life and play an important role in metabolism, immune function, enzyme function, blood formation, and thus affect the body's overall function. Of these compounds, the daily need is scarce, but without proper functioning of life. Vitamins cannot be maintained by the body, so it is vital that we consume them regularly in our daily diet, either naturally or with the help of vitamin supplements.A varied diet of healthy children and adults may not develop vitamin deficiency. Healthy, well-nourished mother's milk - with the exception of Vitamin K - also contains enough vitamin A for a healthy baby. Generally, a child with adequate nutritional intake does not require vitamin supplements beyond the age of one year. Complete vitamin deficiency is rare, a hipovitaminуzis however, it is common. A number of conditions can cause vitamin deficiency, such as inadequate vitamin intake, increased need (in which case you have a relative vitamin deficiency), and decreased cause for some reason. The main cause of insufficient vitamin intake is inadequate, one-sided, inadequate nutrition, or inactivation of the vitamin content of poorly consumed food. It can develop with food. relative vitamin biteif you have increased vitamin requirements. This can occur in the presence of certain diseases, rapid growth, premature infections, infections, etc. as well. Some drugs can also influence the utilization of the vitamins that are absorbed into the body. When one is deficient, some metabolic processes are impaired, the symptoms of vitamin deficiency indicate which vitamin deficiency is present, and these symptoms are surprisingly many times as fast as intake of the right amount of vitamins.

How can we overcome the lack?

It has been clarified for the time being that complete, adequate, mixed nutrition can meet your daily vitamin requirements. If for any reason it is necessary to refill, these beneficial substances can also be ingested in the form of artificially supplemented nutritional supplements, multivitamin supplements. Over the past 20 years, dietary supplements containing vitamins and minerals have become widespread. However, in the case of vitamins, the principle that more is better is better. Adequate vitamin intake is very important for health, but both inadequate and excessive vitamin intake - in some cases - can have serious consequences.The recommended daily intake for healthy people is also determined by the excess of vitamins. During childhood, adulthood and old age, we need to get more and less vitamin and other vitamins into our body. Among the three mentioned age groups, it is probably childhood that is when we need to pay the most attention to our healthy lifestyles based on these aspects.

Types of vitamins

Here are some of the most important information about each vitamin in childhood vitamin supplementation: soluble in water and soluble in fat - can be classified. Among the soluble in water are the members of the vitamin B group (B1-6, B12) and vitamin C. They are easily eliminated from the body and have a very toxic effect only at very high doses. Fat soluble vitamins are represented by vitamins A, D, E and K. It is also important to know about the solubility of vitamins, because in the case of vitamins soluble in water the excess amount is excreted in the urine, however, in the case of the fat soluble vitamins the same is the case. Excessive accumulation of these vitamins in the body can be detrimental to the body and may lead to toxic symptoms. However, e.g. Regularly given paraffin oil can cause fat deposits to dissolve in your baby, and you may experience deficiencies even though you are taking the right dose. This is something you should pay attention to.Among the water-soluble vitamins a Vitamin B group its deficiencies mainly include nervous system and skin disorders. The classic form of vitamin B1 deficiency is Beriberi disease. The nature of the picture is widespread inflammation of the nervous system, heart failure, swelling, movement and absorption disorders.Vitamin C deficiency results in the well-known disease, scurvy. Both in the body and in infants and children, vitamin C is absorbed into the organs by the body. Vitamin C is excreted in the urine. In Hungary, scurvy rarely occurs during infancy. On the other hand, the need for vitamins is greater in the case of febrile illnesses, so in such cases, more is needed. Vitamin Ait has an important role in the sight, so in its absence it has to be counted as eyes, eyes, or wolf blindness (we were worse in horror). Vitamin K plays an important role in blood coagulation, as the liver makes prothrombin (one of the blood coagulation factors) that plays a major role in blood coagulation. It is well-known that women's milk does not contain vitamin K, so after birth, the newborn class still provides newborns with vitamin K. Vitamin K supplementation is also needed during the first few months of life of the newborn, if the baby is exclusively breastfed. Vitamin Elike Vitamin A and C, it plays a very important role in protecting the cell, protecting the cell from the aggressive chemical attack, the so-called free radical (antioxidant effect). More vitamin D is known. Of these are more important vitamins D2 and D3. Vitamin D deficiency causes rickets. Today in Hungary it is practically non-existent due to the introduction of vitamin D3.Related Articles:
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