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Development of Social Skills for ChildrenCapacity Building Games

Development of Social Skills for ChildrenCapacity Building Games

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One of the most important parts of children's daily lives is play. Depending on your age, there may be many exciting games, but they are also important because they are challenging and rewarding because they can be practiced and developed.

Social skills are vital to the success of life

Man - co

Because one is a social being, so one's social abilities, that is, being integrated into a narrower and more distant community is vital. Children, as they progress, are able to integrate more and more members. However, different groups work according to different rules, which is because they are not genetically determined.Everyone's behavioral conventions are mutilated by everyone, so they can be taught and developed. The goal of a parent is to become a happy, successful, and successful adult, able to find a child's own prosperity with other people, for which social skills are essential.

My first three tomorrow

During the first three months, many parents mention that their child is like living in a bulletproof world, does not distinguish their parents, but at least does not give them a sign. The reason is the nervous system and sensory organs are underdeveloped. However, at three months of age, babies begin to cry at their mother and when they smile, the baby smiles back. This - the so-called social smile - the first sign of communication between a parent and his child.This kind of smile already requires the presence of another person, and the inwardness of communication, therefore, is considered to be the first to be directed. It is therefore important that the parent gives the baby a lot of time to practice it, even if the baby starts it.

Three and eight months old

For the next four months or so, the infant is generally keen on making friends, not frightened of strangers, and open to non-verbal forms of communication with other people. It is worth giving her a chance to do so, as she and her family are able to "talk" to other people, in addition to parents and family members. This relatively calm four or so months is followed by another transition. Due to the further development of the nervous system, infants you will be able to recall your memories And immediately recognize the New. Because she has little experience yet and is relatively harmless, she is confronted with a number of unusual phenomena that are awesome. The most scary thing to do when her mother or nurse disappears, is to leave her home. During this period, infants experience extreme anxiety at weaning, separation anxiety hнvnak. Occasionally, it may be doubtful for a parent, but it is important to know that this is a natural occurrence, as part of the healthy development of a child. five to learn, the mother did not disappearand will be back soon or playing a game of trash.

Changes at eight months

At the age of eight months, a new color appears in the palette of infants' social skills. In the period before this, when they were communicating, the parents and their child's attention turned to each other interchangeably. However, after eight months of age, babies are still following their mother, even if they are another human being. In such a case, a common attentionwhen the attention of a child and her mother shares an object. This is possible because the baby understands that the other person has noticed something that also awakens their curiosity. This is important because or call your baby's attention to something exciting, like a new phenomenon. rбmutatбssal.

Twelve months later

However, it will take a long time for these skills to fully develop. The toddler is largely self-centered, meaning he can only consider his own aspects. From the age of fifteen months, it is essential that you see other children. You will probably still be watching them from afar and dare not approach them, but this is natural at this age.If you only observe other children by yourself, you can also learn a lot of new things about how to behave together, how to behave together and what can not be done.From over sixty months of age, it also gives increasing signs that what the parents know as "rumble age" appears.As long ago, the promising child will say no more, and if not it is important for the parent to remain firm and adhere to the elementary rules he or she has insisted on before. Although this is a difficult solution in the short term, in the long run, the child needs to feel secure, which can only come from loving and small limitations.More initiates a conversation szьleivel. In these cases, it is good to spend some time talking with him or playing games, as it is important for people to enjoy socializing.


After two years of age, children become more anxious and eager to test their newly acquired skills. In this case, a Gives a solid backdropwhere the child can turn, anything goes wrong. However, at this age, it is the parents' responsibility to encourage their child's initiative, others ask without asking, but also have your child share his or her own with others, as he or she will only buy it for a short time. By doing this, you can stimulate others to enter into a situation that will bring about a new quality for the most part of three years. At this age, children are more inclined to make friends with their more sympathetic peers: It is worth encouraging them, as they and their peers can gain a wealth of experience.


For children, playmates provide a space for learning their new abilities, but we must not forget that they are never with or without the parents, but only with and for the child. Only while the games are developing and stimulating will the games still bring happiness, which will require the presence of parents, possibly involving them to a greater or lesser extent, as well as allowing our child to determine for himself how much he plays, yeah yeah.Related articles:


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